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Brief Overview

Gadrannanna Enterprises is a profit capable free service provider. Educational use of presentations' material is completely free of charge and, within this use, you may quote from the website pages. You can decide whether your use is educational. I have been seeking a way for the purpose of establishing my most competent skills as a means to attempt to contribute less usual ideas and products to society for the benefit of those with not enough money to spend or those looking for less conventional views of what is worth a person's while to produce in an effort to gain people's interest, invite logical debate and private pondering, therefore perhaps widening people's conventional view of reality.
Feel free to put a link to this website on any legal site where you have that permission.

Purchasable Goods

Gadrannanna Enterprises, as well as providing free products, is able to exchange products for money or for barter. Where barter is an opportunity this will be explicitly stated in conjunction with the appropriate product. There may be more opportunities to buy or gain products via providers that are independent from Gadrannanna Enterprises and that are listed on this website.


What Might This Website Contain?



Presentations may be under the EDUFREE policy. There are two types of EDUFREE presentations; those where every part of the presentation can be used freely for educational purpose and those where some parts of the presentation's material can be purchased to have use of any (legal) ilk. Presentations that might include the possibility to purchase some part of the project, which are under the EDUFREE policy, will be marked with "EDUFREE Sunlight" in some way.

No Adult Only Material

This website shall not show, willingly, any material known to be classifiable as Adult Only. If you want to complain that in your opinion the website is showing some Adult Only material you can use the General Access form which you can find on the CONTACT PAGE.

Picture Projects

Various types of picture-based presentations will become available to see. Looking at the whole intended view there will be the inclusion of photos, videos, non-photographic picture files ( these may contain, in some cases, photo-sourced images ) plus various amounts of alpha-numeric text to go with the pictures.

Research Projects

The idea of research projects has been included within the design of this website to give people opportunity to indulge themselves in their desire to discover, learn and present notions that they may find difficulty with in terms of being offered a co-operative media platform for their presentation. So, if you would prefer to present your research ideas in a place where much is tolerated while you could have your project in the company of other research projects then this website is such a place.

Poems To Read And Use

There are the possibilities , here, to offer poems for entertainment, proclamation, educational purpose or to show the poems merely as a way of encouraging oneself to be creative. You might have other purposes too. Then there are the people who desire to read the poems of others. Why should they come to this website to look at poems? Because it is somewhere else.....

Giving Of Opinion

Sometimes the urge to maintain, encourage, prevent or change leads to contribution of opinion; whether opinion contains only facts, is speculative, is a proof of ignorance, is constructive, destroys something, has other aspects viewable I reckon true to say that opinion is one of the most important facets of a person and of society. Where would we be with no opinions?

This website will provide different opportunities to present opinion. An opinion presented on this website may not be agreed with by me. What is your opinion?

Giving Of Facts

Facts can be difficult to discover. Facts can lead to achievement. Facts can prevent damage.

One of the purposes of this website is to provide ways for people to present fact. Whatever one's view of a fact there will certainly be a way to employ the fact in a beneficial manner; beneficial use of facts, in some cases, leads to the not beneficial too. Therefore, employment of fact is sometimes best combined with careful thoughts as to the potential results of such employment.

Provocation To Have Ideas

Some ideas are old. Some ideas are new. Some old ideas are worth realizing. Some new ideas are as a gift of gold from nature. Since nature includes people and people can provoke others to have ideas you could see the potential appropriateness of the attempt to provoke beneficial ideas to appear in plain view; a person could be glad that you achieved that goal of provocation. However, provoking good ideas to be realized is, in many cases, a professional endeavor. There is space on this website for professional endeavor.

Internal Projects

These projects are completely within the organizational jurisdiction of Gadrannanna Enterprises and are a type of Gadrannanna Enterprises presentation. They might contain downloadable material. Choose a project page from the INTERNAL PROJECTS menu to see an explanation of a project.

Your Presentations

As an External Participant project contributor you will not be able to contribute to the website presentation pages yourself because you would need access to the website editor; You can not access that as a member of the public.

The ways to have your presentation on the website are as follows:

  • We can communicate by email so you send me the appropriate material
  • We can arrange to meet in person so you give me copy of the appropriate material

In each case you should use the External Participant Presentation form to initiate contact and we can continue with communications in attempt to show your presentation in a way you prefer (while the website editor will restrict the possible arrangement of the presentation). Go to CONTACT page.


  • Someone that has a shown presentation is a type of Participant
  • An Associate website manager is also a type of Participant
  • There can be other types of Participant that would be part of the managerial of Gadrannanna Enterprises


Modern society appears to have lost, to some extent, the ability to discover using subjective contexts. And, in my opinion, as a result of the way that most of modern science functions, there can be times when the only way to attempt to make progress in research is to employ some subjective opinion.


The header (Overview) pages for each Internal Project will have an update slot where I will describe additions and alterations. The General Updates, that appear at the bottom of this page will, usually, be not as detailed as the updates on the presentation overview pages.

Things Not There

Feel free to put comments in the Guestbook to say where your opinion is that there is an incomplete or insufficient presentation. Bare in mind that some presentations will be designed to be expandable and they may not contain their preferred minimum according to a compiler of a presentation. Alternatively, use the appropriate form on the CONTACT page.

Getting Copies Of Photographs

You can download original size copies of photos via the SEEK IMAGE page. Each photo has the size in megapixels of the image.

If you desire more of something on this website or desire the website to contain something you do not see you can use the form ( at this link ) on the CONTACT page to send your views.


General Updates

Last Update: [ 5th March 2021 ]

The site is undergoing construction.

There is now a form on the CONTACT page for showing what you desire to see more of on this website. I will be glad if you use it!

You can now read Segment One plus Segment Two of the Awareness project on web pages via Awareness, Project Segments.

The ON THE MAP ( photos ) area has been added to CAMBER plus has a presentation called Miscellaneous Norfolk ( Incomplete ). 

The Recent Uploads page has been added to the BFL SYMBOLS project. Browse and download batches of images.

There are nine sets of game instructions in the Playfulness area.

The People page route has been added to the WORD FELL area with the Relationship [ Person ] page also.

An introduction to the CAMBER poetry area has been added. Go HERE

The WORD FELL area has the Mantra page added within the People area.

The WORD FELL area has the Pervasive Deception page added within the People area.

The Site Map has been mostly updated.

The WORD FELL, Quotes area has the You page added with three quotes.

The WORD FELL, People area has the Mantra Forwards page added with five mantra sets.